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Sun, Jan. 15th, 2006, 03:56 pm
tampon game

This is called the TAMPON GAME!

This is how you play. Think of a title of a movie. change ONE word to tampon. Then..Repost!

1. Catherine-----> How to lose a tampon in 10 days

2. Alyssa-----> 7th tampon

3. Mara-----> Fun with Dick and Tampon

4. nat-----> The Tampon Effect

5. Shaina-----> Lord of the Tampons

6. Alexis-----> Mean Tampons

7. Emily-----> A Tampon to Remember

8. Kayla-----> The Seed Of Tampon

9. Kaitlyn-----> The Sister Hood Of The Traveling Tampon

10.Alissa------>King Tampon

11. Taylor-------> Scary tampon 3

12.Sam----->Tampons Most Wanted

13. Brian-----> The 40 year old Tampon

14. Jess -----> Passion of the Tampon

15. Raquel -----> Tamponbreakers

16. wee man----> without a tampon

17.@uDr3y-----> Love dont cause a Tampon

18. Darby --> Runaway Tampon.

19. Rachel ---> Attack of the Tampons.

20.TaYy- dickie tampon..?

21.Carissa--->War Of The Tampons

22. Dana-----> Christmas With the Tampons

23. crystal---> 10 things i hate about tampons.

24. Sausha ---> First Tampon's Club.

25. Yanire ---> Tampons in the mist

26. Gracie ----> Eight legged tampons

27. Nicole------> The Tampon of Emily Rose

28.Bria------------>Haunted Tampons

29.Krysta------>Freaky Tampon.

30!.Chris---->Brokeback Tampon

31.britt-the four tampons

32.Jeanette-The skeleton tampon

33. Brynna- Christmas with the tampons

34. Pauline- A tampon story

35. Chantelle--->The Pirates in the Tampon

36.VaNeSsA~~~>Tampon Kong

37. Jazzy-----> The Longest Tampon Ever Played

38. Idalis~ Texas Tampon Massacre

40)The Chronicles of tampon

41.cassandra~Tampon:fully loaded,

42.Ashley- Dude wheres my tampon?-

43. Jessica- Charlie and the Chocolate Tampon

44. NiQue---> Tampon Hunters...

45. Lesley---->Meet the tampons

46. Mi$$ ThAnG -----> Diary of A Mad Black Tampon

47. Ch!n@-----> Tampon Management

48.Sasha aka Beba------->U'v got Tampons

49. B3BiiTA-->TamponFace

50!!! GLORY!!!---> "STAR WARS - Revenge of the Tampon"

51.Blixa----> One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo's Tampon

52. apong779-----> Tomb Raider: The Tampon of Life

Mon, Jan. 16th, 2006 03:56 am (UTC)